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Very prompt arrival and very thorough work completed for interior detailing, steaming and shampooing. Looks like a brand new car inside! Very happy with mobile service, how convenient. Very pleasant detailer Arwinder! Thanks so much

Kelly Cameron Avatar
Kelly Cameron

Arwinder did a awesome job on my car - will definitely use again!

Cam McCulloch Avatar
Cam McCulloch

Was the job done to your satisfaction? "Absolutely! Nice Guy! Great Job on the car. What a difference!

Dorry Smith Avatar
Dorry Smith

Had my truck and my van detailed. The van is used to drive my dogs around. The guys did an amazing job on both vehicles - they look like they just came off the showroom floor. I will definitely use them again to keep my cars looking amazing.

ML Stewart Avatar
ML Stewart

Was the Job done to your Satisfaction?
"Absolutely !! and then some.

Sari Vaananen Avatar
Sari Vaananen

Arwinder detailed the inside of my truck and did mold removal as well. He was excellent and I was very happy and impressed with the results. I would recommend them for any auto detailing and will be using them again!

James Edworthy Avatar
James Edworthy

Prompt, very thorough and fairly priced. Extremely satisfied!

Jodee McLetchie Avatar
Jodee McLetchie

Had a wonderful experience with D&V. They did a fantastic job of clearing some surprise serious mold damage we discovered behind one of our messier toddler’s car seat. The car feels as good as new!! Worth every penny and more (they were really reasonable in their pricing for what they’re doing). They even went over and beyond to accommodate our schedule constraints and was communicative and honest the entire process. Will recommend 100%

Karmia J Avatar
Karmia J

The guy worked diligently for close to 3 hours. I had a recent spill on a seat and the floor of milk and he got it all as there was no odour afterwards

Dave Stevens Avatar
Dave Stevens

Great work! The technician that detailed my car, Odin, was very professional and did a great job. Highly recommend 🙂

Chantal Noakes Avatar
Chantal Noakes

They did a great job! Recommended.

Steve Parr Avatar
Steve Parr

Mold removal and interior cleaning of car

Rob Short Coaching Academy Avatar
Rob Short Coaching Academy

Easy online booking process, very competitive rates. Technician Karan was meticulous and the end result was outstanding. Very pleased with the service. Would certainly recommend D&V Detailing!😀

Margot Brink Avatar
Margot Brink

Was very easy to deal with and they did an amazing job. The SUV we got done had never been cleaned and now it looks brand new again. Great work.

Mike Hewlett Avatar
Mike Hewlett

This has been my first time using a mobile auto detailing service. The team came well prepared with all the equipment for the job and did a fantastic job. I would highly recommend them

kc Avatar

Cleaned the interior and engine thoroughly. They come to your location and the price is good. Would definitely make an appointment in the future.

anthony legaspi Avatar
anthony legaspi

I use their services for interior cleaning of my 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan. Technician Mr.Dilber arrived on time. He was polite and great customer service. Took his time and did a great job. I am very satisfied with the company from booking the appointment to the end all communications done online. Their website explains everything and answers all the questions. Gave me a discount as I didn't want to shampoo rear passenger seats as they are not used. Overall I am very satisfied and will use them again and recommend their services to anyone.

Paul W Avatar
Paul W

We are super satisfied with their service. They were able to remove a persistent smell in our SUV and the truck is a much more pleasant place to be in now.

Shane Ramos Avatar
Shane Ramos

I had a positive experience with D&V detailing service. Booking an appointment online was quick and easy. They arrived on time and cleaned up after. Friendly with my dog who was supervising while he worked.They are convenient and reliable. Not a fan of the price but a job well done. Will use again, highly recommend.

Natasha Pearl Avatar
Natasha Pearl

Great Service. Completely Cleaned the interior of my 3 ton truck. Made it look like it was brand new. Would recommend them

Rajveer Singh Avatar
Rajveer Singh

positive review Outstanding customer service from Manjot 🤩 my car was a disaster and now looks brand new! Thanks so much! I will absolutely book with you again.

Jen Gill Avatar
Jen Gill

My car was dirty with probably two plus years of acquired dirt and grime. I finally decided enough is enough and contacted D&V. Odin was friendly and did a fantastic job. The vehicle looks like new now, no complaints at all. The process was easy, they came to me and did the service while I was working from home, absolutely worth the money.

Adam Cain Avatar
Adam Cain

Absolutely amazing quality and detail. My truck looks like it is brand new and just rolled off the lot. I highly recommend D&V, the amount of detail and time they spent on my vehicle was amazing. I will be using again!!!!

Gurnate Gill Avatar
Gurnate Gill

Very thorough job and the gentleman that cleaned the car explained everything before he started and did not do a rush job.

marlene lawrence Avatar
marlene lawrence

Online booking easy. Came to house at the appointed time. Detailed the interior of the car including dealing with some mold due to car sitting for a couple of months with unnoticed wetness in the rear seat footwell. Professional, efficient and the technician explained all he was doing. No problem recommending them and I would certainly use their services again.

Noel Walker Avatar
Noel Walker

Awesome job today, inside and out, would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Aubrey Hawco Avatar
Aubrey Hawco

They were great. We had some surface mould build up on our RV after storing it did 6 months in the winter. They came and steam cleaned everything and also did an ozone treatment to make sure everyone was clean. Great work and service. Will use them again for sure!

Terry Vermeer Avatar
Terry Vermeer

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Vivie Sofuma Avatar
Vivie Sofuma

Booked an appointment for 1:30 as it was the only spot available on 27th April but was happy as they called me and offered to come earlier. At first, I thought it will not be a worth of the money but after I see the work they performed, I am really impressed. Time spent well and I can't even see one minor dirt spot. Its so clean like new. Definitely will call them again and refer it to my friends. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Sachin Goyal Avatar
Sachin Goyal

Great experience !

matt vlasic Avatar
matt vlasic

Vic and his Team are great! Easy to book and got rid of the mold smell in the car permanently 🙂

PangTV Avatar

positive review Highly recommended! We had SO MUCH dog hair embedded in our truck and they cleaned it allllll! The job was done in a respectful, professional, thorough manner.. we’ll definitely use D&V again!

Angie Gilchrist

They've made my 13 yr old car look like new inside. Awesome job, I'm very happy.

Chris Cummer Avatar
Chris Cummer

Awesome convenient service. These guys showed up on time and did a great job. My truck had been sitting for a year and wasn’t pretty. Looks brand new at this point. I will use them again for sure. I definitely recommend them.

Hampton Manufacturing Avatar
Hampton Manufacturing

Like new afterHighly recommended

Viktor Kozlov Avatar
Viktor Kozlov

D&V did a superb job on my car that I was selling. Recommend this place for any cleaning/detailing.

Keegan Kim Avatar
Keegan Kim

They did a great job, with short notice as well. Will use again.

RV Avatar

d&v were very convenient and professional, I would 100% recommend their service in the future and use them again for myself. Very satisfied with the service.

Michelle Stefani Avatar
Michelle Stefani

Have these guys come every few moths, always do a great job!

Alex Hammel Avatar
Alex Hammel

steamed away 18 months of pandemic era mold from interior upholstery and tools in only 2 hours… this pickup truck was indeed brought back from the dead

Tom Benke Avatar
Tom Benke

Please submit the following review for me:Had my Tesla and 350Z detailed for the second time by D&V. Arwinder did an amazing job and was extremely professional! I’ve recommended these guys to friends many times and was reminded why again today! - Kore

Terrell Jana Avatar
Terrell Jana

Extremely good service. Very competitively priced, the tech took their time and did an incredibly thorough job. Heavily mold affected vehicle and it was like brand new after the treatment. Highest recommendation.

S S Avatar

Brilliant service. On time, very polite and did such a great job. Can’t recommend enough!

J Ramsay Avatar
J Ramsay

What a team.Very thorough! 👍💚⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Lorne Adam Avatar
Lorne Adam

I couldn’t be happier with my car. I’ve used this service multiple times in the last few years and I’m always satisfied. They are thorough and provide good customer service as well. This is a company I believe you can trust to get the job done!

Maya Callender Avatar
Maya Callender

We are impressed! The interior of our car was in terrible shape prior to the detailing. This photo doesn’t even do the service justice. Our car is spotless now. The two men who completed the detailing were professional and did an amazing job, we can’t recommend them enough. Their attention to detail is fantastic, thank you!

Samantha Siedlaczek Avatar
Samantha Siedlaczek

Excellent job! The cars are sparkling clean! I would definitely recommend, and will use again. Thank you!

heather lacroix Avatar
heather lacroix

positive review Great attention to detail! We couldn’t be happier with the service and our car has never looked better. They were professional and thorough. We are very impressed!

Sammy Siedlaczek Avatar
Sammy Siedlaczek

The young man that D&V sent out did a super great job! My car looks great. It’s been three years since it was last cleaned inside or out. He had his job cut out for him and he rose to the occasion!

Robyn Manning Avatar
Robyn Manning

They came down to clean the mold out of a car. Great work, fast, prompt, really thorough.

J T Avatar

The gentleman that came almost made our car look new on the inside. It had never been "deep cleaned" before. I would recommend them to anyone who would like the inside of your car to look new again

Dusty Specht Avatar
Dusty Specht

My truck was absolutely filthy because of my dog and my job, I hadn’t cleaned it inside since the last time they came and cleaned it about 8 months ago and it looks like new inside. Well worth the money!

Mitch Kratz Avatar
Mitch Kratz

Excellent job done on the trucks! Looks like we just got them off the lot. Definitely recommend. They were on time and took their time to give the best cleaning.

Boundary Bay Projects Avatar
Boundary Bay Projects

I am so grateful I chose D&V Mobile Detailing Services. They were on time for the interior detailing appointment and they even shared with me valuable information about how to maintain the interior of my car clean and shinny. They inspected the car before starting for anything that might require extra time/money to clean and they did a great job with all the spots I was afraid someone else might miss.I will be booking my exterior and engine detailing appointment with them in the summer because they earned my trust!

Harjot Singk Avatar
Harjot Singk

Such an incredibly convenient service, D & V mobile car detailing came to my home and did a beautiful and very thorough job of cleaning my car. Vic and his staff member were very friendly and respectful and really took extra time to make sure I was happy with the job they did. I will definitely use them again!

Galya Chatterton Avatar
Galya Chatterton

Wow! Deepak did a really good job! Nice guy, very hard working and great results as well. Thank you! The car looks great!

Nav Kandola Avatar
Nav Kandola

I had Arvinder from D&V detail the inside of my Ram 1500 after my son accidentally spilled an entire shamrock shake from McDonald’s in the back. He did a masterful job of cleaning everything and even found some on the roof my cab ?. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services to anyone ??

Ryan Lauwers Avatar
Ryan Lauwers

Great service!

Brigitte Tritt Avatar
Brigitte Tritt

My Jeep tj developed a ton of mold all over the seats and dash. The team came by and cleaned it right up in 1-2hrs. They did a really really good job and it honestly looks brand new, couldn’t be happier.

Devon Heckard Avatar
Devon Heckard

positive review Great service, easy to book online and very responsive. My car looks fresh and smells fresh and I didn’t have to leave my house

Anna Ward Avatar
Anna Ward

First time we had our car detailed. Very happy with the result.

Jonathan Aquino Avatar
Jonathan Aquino

Excellent results at a reasonable price. Will not hesitate to use this company again. Amazing attention to detail and had my looking fully revitalized! Would recommend to anyone looking for a mobile detailing service!

Ryan Skinner Avatar
Ryan Skinner

fast and goodservice on my db11。the engine clean was great

Shin chen Avatar
Shin chen

These guys are professionals. They came on time, did an excellent job and practiced safe distancing (we communicated by text). Apart from doing a fantastic job, they offered me 2 front mats, which was great because I was meaning to buy them that same day. When they finished (and the workers had left) the manager followed up with me by text in order to double check that I was satisfied with their work. From my experience D&V is a reliable business that strives to please its customers.

Ruben Zamar Avatar
Ruben Zamar

Our extra car that will go to our son when he gets his licence has been sitting for a few months and we didn't realise had leaked a bit and ended up getting a fair bit of mould. Not only did they do a great job of getting rid of the mould but also got some pretty bad stains out of the upholstery that I never thought would come out.

Jordan Brock Avatar
Jordan Brock

First time customer. I am extremely impressed with this team! They were professional, detail oriented and very friendly. They did a fantastic job making the interior of my car sparkle. The convenience of them coming to me and only having to pop out to meet them cannot be overstated! We are already arranging the next group to book their services and I'll be bringing my partner's car for sure! Thank you!!

Ashley Livingstone Avatar
Ashley Livingstone

positive review Great experience! The cleanest my car has ever been. Great staff communication and easy to book.

Tori Shannon Avatar
Tori Shannon

Great group of hard working people. Great communication. Highly recommend and DON'T FORGET TO TIP! Be kind to service people - they deserve it!

Suzanne Pottinger Avatar
Suzanne Pottinger

Very happy with my experience! My car was embarrassingly dirty and they were able to get all the dirt and stains out no problem. It smells and looks great!

McKenna Kwast Avatar
McKenna Kwast

I would highly recommend. From start to finish we we treated well. Great communication. Always updated. An issue came up with timing and it was handled fast and affectively. The two guys sent to detail our car did a great job. No complaints. We would highly recommended and will definitely use the service again

Doug Cain Avatar
Doug Cain

My car had mildew in it and the technician did an amazing job getting rid of all the mildew. The interior looks like new. I will be recommending D&V Mobile to all my friends and family.

T S Avatar

Very good service, attentive to details; I drive a truck and there was a strong smell of cigarettes from the previous user, after their service is was much better, clean and the smell diminished drastically.

Junior Galvao Avatar
Junior Galvao

Did excellent job ??

Rio AG Avatar
Rio AG

Good service, my car had smoke smell, the interior detailing and ozone took care of it.Going to call them for more services!Thanks!

Liz Alvarez Avatar
Liz Alvarez

We are super satisfied with their service. They were able to remove a persistent smell in our SUV and the truck is a much more pleasant to be in now.

Shane Ramos Avatar
Shane Ramos

D&V guys are very professional and honest about their services. I used them to clean interior of my car. Amazing job and very nicely done. I am going to use their services again and again. I will highly recommend them to all my friends and family. Very reasonable price and good value of your money.

jagdeep ladhar Avatar
jagdeep ladhar

Quick, efficient and personable. Job was done to my satisfaction, and I was impressed with their follow up to ensure quality care. Definitely recommend for fast and solid mobile car care.

Max Metzner Avatar
Max Metzner

brought me back to the day I drove the car off the lot! just like new! killed it ?? especially cause my car hauls 2 dogs from the beach regularly! Will be in touch again! Thank you thank you

Melyssa Rose Avatar
Melyssa Rose

Look no further! Absolute phenomenal job! Unbelievable! Looks brand new. Have had other detailers come in the past and there is no comparison whatsoever. Not even close. Will get them to do my other car and my motorcycle. 10 out of 10!!!

Byron O'Neill Avatar
Byron O'Neill

Recently had a interior clean and detail completed. The owner communicated directly with me via text to coordinate a change in time for my appointment. Technician that came did an excellent job as well as patiently answering a few questions that I had regarding longer term maintenance. Great service from start to finish. Thanks guys!

Ben Fisk Avatar
Ben Fisk

D&V did a great job in cleaning the interior of my car, I had a mold issue in the back seats and they had tackled it, But when I saw some mold that had creeped to the seatbelt nooks wasn’t all gone, I messaged them and they came the next day and handled it very professionally.

Sara Ahmed Avatar
Sara Ahmed

This was my second time using this service. Amazing value for the money. Four kids ages 7 and under leave our vehicle in a constant state of chaos, and today it looks brand new. Thank you for all the hard work!

Carmelle Dieleman Avatar
Carmelle Dieleman

On time. Good communication. Very thorough and asks you to inspect it after to make sure it’s to your satisfaction. Good detailing experience and the best part is they come to your house! The only thing I would suggest is that they return any dash cam wires they moved. Other than that it was such great service.

ange uy Avatar
ange uy

D&V did an amazing job on the interior of my truck. My dog sheds as if he's trying to create a second dog, and the hairs weave into the Toyota fabric. By the end of the service you couldn't even tell I ever had my pup in the truck. Also smells clean and fresh and makes my winter commute much more enjoyable.

Sean Bradey Avatar
Sean Bradey

We were extremely pleased with the service! They did a great job on my son’s car and it looked amazing afterwards. I loved that they came right to our home and I will definitely use them again. Highly recommend!

Kristy Kozak Avatar
Kristy Kozak

Great results

Darren Moore Avatar
Darren Moore

I park my truck in my company's dirt yard, dust all summer and mud and slop all winter making it very hard to keep clean inside. I try to do it myself but it's just too much work after a long week driving. The truck had a pretty good accumulation of mud residue on the floor and dust pretty much everywhere else. I contacted D & V on Saturday and they came down on Monday and cleaned it up. Fantastic job - it looks like new!Highly recommended!Brian - Truck number LM200, Berry & Smith Trucking

Brian Lind Avatar
Brian Lind

The men that came were not only amazing & friendly, but they made time for me when no one else would ?? They did the best job ever on my car…. Left it twinkling took the funk outta the trunk. They are my forever car detailers for sure. So happy I found them!

Emma Clark Avatar
Emma Clark

Very thorough & Extremely convenient

Lisa Garrow Avatar
Lisa Garrow

Used D&V to derail my sports car. I normally am very careful with who I use as it's my prized possession. D&V arrived on time, provided excellent quality and service and I was amazed by their work.Highly recommend, I know I'll be booking all my vehicles with them in the future.

Ola Muniak Avatar
Ola Muniak

Karen did an absolutely amazing job on our two vehicles today. I actually apologized beforehand for the shape of one of the SUV's, (we just bought and was a mess from the previous owners) but I was amazed at how clean it looked after. Better than I ever expected. New car look and a clean car smell... couldn't have asked for anything better. We were extremely happy with both vehicles. Friendly and ontime service. Would highly recommend.

Emma Pottinger Avatar
Emma Pottinger

Karan did an absolutely amazing job on our two vehicles today. I actually apologized beforehand for the shape of one of the SUV's, (we just bought and was a mess from the previous owners) but I was amazed at how clean it looked after. Better then I ever expected. New car look and a clean car smell... couldn't have asked for anything better. We were extremely happy with both vehicles. Friendly and ontime service. Would highly recommend.

Emma Pottinger Avatar
Emma Pottinger

Very happy with the service enough to get a family member to use them also.

Vincent B Avatar
Vincent B

Highly recommended

Dipesh Sharma Avatar
Dipesh Sharma

my car was like brand new after the service. Highly recommend these guys

Marie Harte Avatar
Marie Harte

I had three vehicles cleaned in July, D&V workers were awesome! I highly recommend their services.

Jaspreet Sahota Avatar
Jaspreet Sahota

excellent customer service setting up appointment mobile at my desired time and location. quality effort and attention to detail very pleased with quality of work performed

Paul Domke Avatar
Paul Domke

Very happy with the service and professionalism. Would definitely recommend. 10/10

Sultan Atwal Avatar
Sultan Atwal

Very happy with the service enough to get a family member to use them also.

Bobby Smaille Avatar
Bobby Smaille

Great service

craig zelmer Avatar
craig zelmer

Amazing service. The cleaning quality was top notch. More affordable than other places I’ve tried. I was surprised at how well it was all cleaned up considering how much gardening stuff I’ve carried in my car over the past two years.

Sharfaraz Khan Avatar
Sharfaraz Khan

Very professional. Easy to schedule an appointment. Our vehicle looks great.

Nick-Jess Neufeld Avatar
Nick-Jess Neufeld

I often use their services as we run a very busy business and have many vehicles. They always fit us in.

Dawn Phillips Avatar
Dawn Phillips

I'm very pleased with the interior and exterior detailing the guys did on my z3 sportscar. Very convenient and we'll definately use them again.

Sue Johnstone Avatar
Sue Johnstone

Repeat customer here. Great prices, friendly and thorough service. It’s so easy to book your appointment online and they really do such a quality job. Never disappointed - my interior always gets compliments!! Just AWESOME!

Farrah Turcotte Avatar
Farrah Turcotte

Awsome guys! Do an awsome job thanks again!

Ethan Blockskek Avatar
Ethan Blockskek

Lovely guys who did an amazing job! Bought a car that came with an additional smell of cannabis ? these guys got the smell right out!! My car is lovely and clean and they did it in great time for a price within my budget, would highly highly recommend!!

Amy Colmans Avatar
Amy Colmans

The boys were great. On time,efficient and they did a thorough job. Very happy with this service.

Wendy Valdes Avatar
Wendy Valdes

Excellent quick service!!!!

Alex Damiani Avatar
Alex Damiani

Booked and received same day service! I never had my vehicle detailed before and they made my van look brand new! They exceeded my expectation. My Van is so clean & fresh. Thanks for removing the stains in the carpets. Best Mini Van detailing service, I highly recommend this company overall and encourage you to use them if you need to give your vehicle a good clean!

Kristin Waddell Ratcliffe Avatar
Kristin Waddell Ratcliffe

These guys are the best in business. Booked online today at 9AM and they were able to meet me at my workplace in Tsawwassen for 2 o'clock - same day! Aside from that, the guy who worked on my Jeep took his time getting every detail right. I originally bought my car brand-new and the end result looked even better than it did the day I drove it off the lot. Insanely good job. Thanks guys!

Rylen Moore Avatar
Rylen Moore

These guys were fantastic! My car has spoiled milk in the carpets and now it smells and looks brand new!

Robin Roscoe Avatar
Robin Roscoe

Extremely Pleased with the efficient and attentive service provided. I would highly recommend D&V, and commend them on the quality and value of the provided service.

Larisa Udy Avatar
Larisa Udy

Love the mobile service--used to detail my SUV before selling and to clean another car. Good communication and contactless service.

Erin Whittle Avatar
Erin Whittle

Love the mobile service--used to detail my SUV before selling and to clean another car. Good communication and contactless service.

Erin Whittle Avatar
Erin Whittle

I contacted this company from a reference from a friend. My car looks brand new! He arrived on time and spent 2 hours just on my interior. I haven’t had my car this clean since the day I bought it 5 years ago, I’m beyond impressed. My guy was very nice, super polite, and answered all of my questions. I highly recommend them, and will use them again in the future ?

Amanda Sherlock Avatar
Amanda Sherlock

Super nice and friendly. Excellent rates. Great service. I will use them again.

Rob Merri Avatar
Rob Merri

These guys are great!! On time, detailed oriented and friendly service

Lonnie Anthony Avatar
Lonnie Anthony

Great service and great results. My car was an utter disaster and they did an awesome job.

Ryan Campbell Avatar
Ryan Campbell

I am very impressed with quality of service.The easy booking system and amazing staff will keep us coming back again and again.

Larry Champ Avatar
Larry Champ

My Mercedes B200 had just a gross amount of dog hair all throughout the car. The two gentlemen that come spent almost three hours vacuuming and making sure every last hair was removed. The level of detail, professionalism and kindness was exceptional and I will definitely be using them next time my car needs a good detail.

Annalisa Gertz Avatar
Annalisa Gertz

Found these guys through a google search and I have not been disappointed! They were courteous and professional and did an amazing job cleaning the interior of my very dirty SUV. It looks like a brand new car! And I got 10%off for booking online on top of an already great price. I will be having them clean my other car as well.Service: Auto detailing

Tracy Cook Avatar
Tracy Cook

We were getting our 17-foot Casita travel trailer ready to sell recently, and we took it to D & V Detailing, for both inside and outside cleaning. They did an absolutely fantastic job! So much more than we could have accomplished ourselves. We're sure it increased the resale value considerably. The price was fair, and the staff was friendly and thorough. They were careful about COVID precautions. If we need our car detailed, we'll be going back to them.

Lynne Thorndycraft Avatar
Lynne Thorndycraft

Very professional and I’m satisfied.

Joseph Lu Avatar
Joseph Lu

I have never seen two young men work so hard to make our vehicle look even better than when it was brand newFantastic work

Rita Wares Avatar
Rita Wares

The two technicians were very nice and did an excellent job cleaning and detailing my Nissan Leaf. And they did it at my home which may have been the best part! I would highly recommend this company to anyone who wants their vehicle detailed.

Corinne Herringer Avatar
Corinne Herringer

I often switch and buy used cars in private sales, and always get them cleaned by D&V. Service is quick and efficient, every technician I've dealt with has been friendly and courteous.

Joey Tsoi Avatar
Joey Tsoi

D&V did a fabulous job on our car and our van today. We have young children and furry animals. They cleaned our vehicles so well that they look and smell like brand new. Thank you for a job well done!! Linda

Linda Brown Avatar
Linda Brown

Great value and great service. Its beyond my expectation. Thank you again

K Pan Avatar
K Pan

First time ever getting car detailing and I was very pleased with this company! I am a mom of 3 and I have a van and they were able to get it as clean as new ! I would definitely use them again!

Vicky Dhaliwal Avatar
Vicky Dhaliwal

A very thorough job on our van and truck interior completed yesterday. We were very pleased with the service and friendly young men completing the work on our driveway.

Jim Martens Avatar
Jim Martens

Great value and great service. Its beyond my expectation. Thank you againServices: Auto detailing, Interior vacuuming, Seat shampooing

K Pan Avatar
K Pan

I took a couple of girlfriends camping and one of them brought their dog. We had no idea that the dog would shed as much as it did, or how hard the hair is to remove. Vic’s team went above and beyond with removing the pet hair and vacuuming and washing the carpets and seats. My car looks better than when I bought it. I can’t recommend this company enough. The employees and Vic are professional, friendly and honest.

Debra Watson Avatar
Debra Watson

I took a couple of girlfriends and their dog camping. We had no idea how much the dog would shed, or how hard the hair is to get rid of! Vic’s crew did an amazing job removing the hair, my car looks better than when I bought it. Top notch, friendly, honest service. Will be recommending to all of my friends. Thank you Vic and crew. ❤️

Debra Dennill Avatar
Debra Dennill

First time ever getting car detailing and I was very pleased with this company! I am a mom of 3 and I have a van and they were able to get it as clean as new ! I would definitely use them again!Services: Full body wash, Steam cleaning, Wheel washing, Seat shampooing, Interior vacuuming, Interior scenting

Vicky Dhaliwal Avatar
Vicky Dhaliwal

They did a great job detailing the inside of our bus. I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the vehicle. Thanks for your great work!

Paul B Avatar
Paul B

I have never seen two young men work so hard to make our vehicle look even better than when it was brand newFantastic workServices: Wheel washing, Interior scenting, Headlight polishing, Car waxing, Seat shampooing, Interior vacuuming, Full body wash, Steam cleaning

Rita Wares Avatar
Rita Wares

The two technicians were very nice and did an excellent job cleaning and detailing my Nissan Leaf. And they did it at my home which may have been the best part! I would highly recommend this company to anyone who wants their vehicle detailed.Services: Wheel washing, Interior vacuuming, Full body wash, Auto detailing, Steam cleaning

Corinne Herringer Avatar
Corinne Herringer

Great experience! I appreciated the easy online booking process, good communication and follow up by Vic. Technicians arrived on time, were courteous, did a good job, received feedback well and were happy to make minor adjustments, left everything tidy, car looks great, they got all the pet hair out, seats look like new.

Ina Stockhausen M.T.C Avatar
Ina Stockhausen M.T.C

The services were done very well. I had interior detailing with mold removal and the detailers were great. My car looks new !! They were also very professional in explaining what they would do and could do for me. Thank you !

Cecilia Pang Avatar
Cecilia Pang

Jas was on time and very professional. He did a great job and we were very pleased. Did the online booking which was easy to navigate and use. We will be using D&V again and recommend them to our neighbours and friends.

MK MK Avatar

I highly recommend !!!! Very professional !!!! Will definitely contact for future services!!!!

Jasveer Kaur Avatar
Jasveer Kaur

The guys were excellent! They worked very hard to make our van look amazing! Would highly recommend!

michelle henkel Avatar
michelle henkel

Very fast replies via online inquiries. Arrived on time, very thorough. Would use again.

Tyler C Avatar
Tyler C

I used Vic at D&V Detailing, right from the start they were flexible and worked with my budget and ensured I understood any limitation so we were in same page, they detailed the outside of my boat (25 ft, took 6 hours), Jas was outstanding, calling me when he was on his way and showing me a tip or 2. Very satisfied and would say they on the same level as some of the other well know detailing companies.

B Warn Avatar
B Warn

Always a great job! My car feels brand new. Such a treat for busy mums. Thanks again!

Kelly Anderson Avatar
Kelly Anderson

Got them to come to do my Dad's car at the house. Did an awesome job. Car looks like new!

Paul Schreiber Avatar
Paul Schreiber

D&V mobile detailing service was great! They were kind and professional and they did excellent work!

Sharlene Gamble Avatar
Sharlene Gamble

My Kia was needing some interior TLC as I have two dogs. Inside was a hairy and sandy mess.These guys did their magic and my car looks brand new! 100% recommendation D&V - very happy with their job.

Tracey MacLean Avatar
Tracey MacLean

Very professional, did an awesome job on my interior and got my dog’s mess and hair all out of the car... top tier service and 100% on my recommended list. Tip: if you have pet hair, let them know, it was a little longer to clean up but when they know in advance it’s much easier to schedule!!

Chris Trolitsch Avatar
Chris Trolitsch
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