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Undercarriage Wash, is something we don’t think of.  We want to clean our vehicle interiors, and our exteriors. But the undercarriage is one of the most important areas to get cleaned.

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  • Cars – 5 Seater – No Hatchback +$25+
  • Minivans, SUV’s and PickUp +$35+
Undercarriage Wash for Vehicles

Wash your undercarriage as an add on service to our detailing packages.

Get all the dirt and Salt out of the underneath of your vehicles so that they can stay protected.

We will use a pressure washer broom to pressure wash the vehicle on your driveway.

Why is an Undercarriage wash needed?

An undercarriage wash once in 3 months, is extremely important, The hardest-hit area that is hit due to natural elements, and nasty stuff, like road salt, is your undercarriage.

Do Select an Undercarriage wash every time you go through a car wash!!

Salt and other grime, WILL damage & rust the undercarriage of your vehicle, do wash your undercarriage every time you do a wash.

We will not Sell you to add this + Add on Service. (it’s more about educating you).

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