Our car paint correction service commonly known as car cut & polish can help take care of minor exterior paint imperfections like clear coat scratches & remove car oxidation, it can also help you remove swirl marks to restore the exterior paint and make your vehicle look great again, all out of your location.

Cut & Polish is a detailed process and it can only help in certain situations, Please read below about what it includes, FAQ’s for cut & polish, and the approximate pricing.

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STEP 1 (Paint Cleanup)

Wash -> Wipe -> Clay Bar

The first step in the car cut & polish process is prepping surface to make sure it is free from all surface contaminants.

This starts with a thorough wash process, drying of the vehicle, and then moving to the clay barring step.

The clay bar step involves spraying a special lubricant (called clay luber) in sections and then wiping it down with a specially engineered resin compound (that feels like clay).

The clay pulls out all contaminants that might be stuck on the surface of the paint. (If you run your hand on the vehicle, it will feel like a smooth glass).

This is an important step that is needed before the second step which is the paint correction step.

(applying compound on a surface that is not clayed, will actually cause more scratches.)

STEP 2 (Paint Correction)

Compound-> Buff -> Polish -> Buff

In this step of the paint correction process,  we will apply a compound that will help correct “surface level” paint imperfections like clear coat scratches, swirl marks, watermarks, and oxidation.

We will then buff the areas to make sure we get the maximum possible restoration for your vehicle. To buff, we use pads that have the necessary grit to ensure, we can restore the paint without causing any damage to your paint.

Buffing the compounds is a special skill to make sure the paint is not burnt and we can do that for you at the convenience of your location.

We will then apply polish to bring out the shine and buff it again with pads that are specifically made for this task.

STEP 3 (Paint Protection)

Waxing -> Buffing

In order to make sure your vehicle stays protected, we will apply a protective layer of wax and then use an orbital buffer to buff the wax so that your vehicle stays protected from environmental conditions.

Note – Cemaric Coat : If Step 2 & 3 are done indoors – (like a garage), we can also apply a ceramic coat for added protection.  However, if it’s outdoors, dust or pollen can fall at any time and we do not recommend doing a ceramic coat procedure outdoors.


Step 1: Run your fingernail on the scratch – If you can feel the scratch, it’s probably a deep coat into your clear coat.

Step 2 : Spray some soapy water on the scratched surface and wipe with a cloth. This will remove any dirt or grit and help you find out if the scratch is only in the clear coat.

If you can run your fingernail and it gets caught OR the scratch seems to disappear when you spray it with soapy water and reappears when it drys. It’s probably a deep scratch (which needs sanding and unfortunately we cannot help you with that)

Please see our “approximate” pricing below. As you can imagine, it’s very difficult to give an accurate estimate online.

However, we have a good idea of how much the cost will be for a vehicle of your size when you book online.

We will come and do a small section. If you give us the go-ahead, we will do the entire job.  Else a Fee of $75 will apply for our travel and time.

We are sorry but we do not Travel for a few scratches, we only do the Cut & Polish for the entire vehicle.

We are sorry but we usually do not travel for a few sections. Most clients who opt for only one section will see quite a bit of difference in the area that was done and the other sections of the vehicle.

This is the main reason we recommend doing the cut & polish for the entire vehicle.


SEDANS $650 7 H+
SUV – 5 Seats 750 8 H+
Pickup Truck 850 8 H+
Mini Van / SUV – 7 Seater $800 8 H+

*Prices & Hours above are for 1 Technician. If we spend 2 technician teams, the time may reduce.

** While booking, please always book a morning slot (9:30) on a weekday. Our cut & polish techs only work on weekdays.

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