We will come to your location and Sanitize and Disinfect your Semi Trucks for Viruses including Covid19. Ozone &, Superheated Steam. Over 325 Five Star Google Reviews, for Quality,  Customer Service, & Pricing.

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Day Cabs $175
Sleeper Cabs $225
Virus / Mold Removal Day Cab +$100
Virus / Mold Removal Sleeper Cab +$150
Ozone (for odors) – Day Cab +$50
Ozone (for odors) – Sleeper Cab +$75

Note: * Virus / Mold Removal is an Add on service to our interior detailing packages and Includes 30 Minutes of Ozone Treatment

*Access to Power for Interior Service, will be needed (or an additional charge of $15 for generator will be charged)

Foam Wash Day Cabs $+$75
Foam Wash Sleeper Cabs $+$100
Exterior Wash, Wax, Buff, Polish for Day Cab (No Acid Wash) +$225
Exterior Wash, Wax, Buff, Polish for Sleeper Cab (No Acid Wash) +$275
Sticker / Decal Removal for Day Cabs +$100
Sticker / Decal Removal for Sleeper Cabs +$150

Note: *Exterior services are an Add on to interior services. Access to Water will be needed.

*Does not include the trailer, only includes the Cab Area

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Semi-trucks and sleepers and their drivers serve an important role in our country and economy. Long trips down dusty highways, muddy roads and everything in between means these huge vehicles withstand a lot of elements to both their interior and exterior. Keeping a semi in good working condition is an essential part of keeping drivers safe and deliveries on time. D&V Mobile Auto is proud to be a part of what keeps Canada’s semi-trucks clean and working properly.

Whether you need single semi-truck detailing or sleepers detailing for a whole fleet, the team at D&V has the resources to clean, protect and restore your vehicles.


Interior detailing is especially important in sleeper trucks which serve as temporary, mobile sleeping quarters for drivers. As living spaces, they’re subject to even more of the staining and spills associated with other vehicle types. This can make for unpleasant smells, driving experience and more serious wear and tear.

With our interior packages, we’re able to restore even the most hard used sleepers to their former glory.

Our Ozone Generator add on is especially good for ridding cabs of any unpleasant smells during the semi-truck detailing.


  • Deep Penetrating by blowing steam to disengage and push out dirt for easy vacuuming
  • Simultaneous disinfecting and sanitation – (at 320 degrees micro organisms are killed)
  • Minimum use of harmful chemicals – environmentally and human friendly
  • Minimum drying time – typically 2 hours.

Regular methods of cleaning and deodorizing a vehicle are not always enough. Pet and cigarette odors are particularly difficult to remove because smelly chemical compounds can penetrate deep into the upholstery and padding. An ozone shock treatment will send pure ozone (O3) deep into every crevice, destroying these odorous compounds that could not be washed away. Car rental companies use these generators on a regular basis to remove smoke and pet odors.

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