We provide Headlight Restoration Services that will help restore the shine in headlights to clients in most cities in the lower mainland, out of your location. We are one of the Best Detailing companies in the Vancouver area, as per the  &

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Headlight Restoration

Head Light Restoration

Headlight Restoration

picture showing Car Headlight Restoration Service by D&V

When your headlights lose their luminosity — and installing new bulbs makes no difference — it’s likely caused by surface damage on the lenses, including etches, chips and sun damage.

Fortunately, the team at D&V can swing by your location and restore the shine in headlights for a prompt, guaranteed headlight restoration that will increase light output between 50% and 100%.

The process consists of two stages: we remove lens cloudiness first, and then apply an advanced, UV-formulated sealant to mitigate further discoloration. Here’s why restoring cloudy headlights is such a bright idea:

  • Visibility: Your vehicle doesn’t only look better with brighter lights — you see better too, which means safer nighttime driving.


  • Cost: It can be costly to buy and install brand new OEM headlights, but headlight restoration is a fraction of the cost.


  • Lasting effects: That “as-new” appearance will last many years.
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