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Please Note: Exterior Wash is an add-on service to Interior Detailing services. The minimum service value for our mobile service is $100.

Once we have detailed your vehicles from the inside. We can pressure wash your vehicles from the outside. The services offered are Wash, Foam Cannon, Hand Brush and Wipe Down.

Additional options that can be selected are:

=> Wax, Buff & Polish
=> Claybar Treatment
=> Undercarriage Wash
=> Engine Shampoo
=> Headlight Restoration 

Buffing. Clay-barring. Waxing. Polishing. Cut and polishing. If you’ve noticed that your car’s paintwork is looking a little lacklustre, at some point you might be considering any or all of those options as a means of restoring the shine it once had. But with all these different terms out there, understanding which option is best suited to your car’s needs can be a little confusing. So lets take a quick look at a few of the most commonly used terms. Hopefully you’ll see that it’s not so confusing after all and will be able to more easily determine which one is for you.



Waxing generally refers to the application of a mixture of carnauba and other natural waxes that provides a protective layer over the car’s paint and clear coat, shielding it from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which can fade the colour of the paint. It also protects the car from dirt, salt water and residue, and reduces the risk of rusting. Furthermore, it helps to keep moisture and rain off the paint and clear coat.


A buffer is a hand operated tool that has one or more pads which oscillate at high speed. Used in conjunction with a polishing or cutting compound (depending on the requirements of the job and condition of the paintwork), it is used to smooth over the body of the vehicle in order to remove imperfections in the paint such as light to medium scratches, tree sap, hazing, swirling and other defections.


Polishing your car is the best way to maintain paintwork that is either relatively new or in otherwise good condition. It is typically applied by hand or by using a hand-operated machine buffer. Polishing is a broad term, but it generally refers to a range of processes that remove or mask paint defects and enhance the surface gloss, making it nice and shiny. Again, it is always best to use a clay bar before waxing, polishing, or cut and polishing.


A clay bar is a specially engineered resin compound that is hand applied by gliding it over either sections of, or the entirety of, the vehicles paintwork. It is used for removing detrimental and potentially corrosive elements such as brake and rail dust, industrial fall out, and other airborne contaminants. It is also the best way to remove over spray. It is also highly recommended to use a clay bar prior to polishing in order to achieve optimum results and shine.




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