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We provide Car Mold Removal & Virus Clean up services, including vehicles exposed to COVID, to clients in most cities in the lower mainland, out of their location. Remove Mold & get Ozone Treatment to the musty mold odor to go away & ensure air-borne spores are killed.

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(Add on to full interior detail service)


SEDANS +$150 +1.5 H
SUV – 5 Seats +150 +1.5 H
Pickup Truck +150 +1 H
Mini Van / SUV – 7 Seater +$200 +2 H
Semi Truck – Sleeper +$200 +2 H
Semi Truck – Day Cab +$150 +1 H
Sprinter Van – Cab +$150 +1 H


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Mold Removal FAQ’s

The first indication of the presence of mold in cars is a Damp and Musty mold smell that you will be able to get the mold smell as soon as you open your vehicle.

Even if the mold is not visible in the vehicle, the smell is an indication that there is mold in the vehicle.

Visually, if you can see a Fuzzy-looking, moss-like substance growing, it’s a clear indication of Mold in your car.

D&V has been cleaning mold from vehicles for many years. We have cleaned mold from cars in the hundreds, you can click on the link below to watch additional videos.
We also have experience cleaning commercial trucks for Mold & Viruses exposure, including COVID to ensure that they are safe.
We have even provided certificates for border services(both Canada & U.S.A), where they accept our validation that Trucks have been sanitized at over 120 °C. Please do not take mold lightly, you can see what the CDC has to say about Mold and its effects

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After doing full remediation for mold with our steamers, we will do an Ozone Treatment in your vehicles for 30 mins. Ozone gas has been proven to kill 99.999 percent of pathogens in the air, including SARS Coronavirus and influenzas such as H5N1.

Science has proven that mold and most viruses including the coronavirus cannot survive at temperatures over 80°C.

So instead of throwing in a bunch of chemicals, that may or may not work. our mold removal process makes the use of superheated steam at over 120°C, to ensure that all the mold viruses in vehicles are killed on contact.

Our mold removal & virus removal services include steaming the entire vehicle (including headliner seatbelts and trunk area) with superheated steam from our commercial-grade steamers.

The Ozone gas will kill the air-borne spores and take care of 90% of the smells. Once the car is Mold Free, we request that you drive with windows down so that the vehicle can be aired, and you let the moisture get out.

Most often mold forms in cars due to water leaking into a closed vehicle where air circulation is limited. This could also be due to condensation that naturally occurs during winters.

As long as the vehicle is well ventilated and there is air circulation, the chance of mold forming in vehicles is minimal.

After we complete the service, we request our client to consider the following.

  • Drive for the first 30 minutes with windows down to let the Ozone gas go away (Ozone is NOT very healthy)
  • Roll down one window by an inch so that internal moisture has somewhere to escape (if the weather outside is not raining)
  • If the vehicle had excess water, please consider running a small space heater in the vehicle with a window rolled down by an inch. (please monitor the heater and make sure the heat is not excessive, please take care of electrical wiring)

If we have missed a spot, we will come back and clean it within 48 hours of providing the service.

Please use the vehicle as much as possible, if there is a leak in one of the seals or if the vehicle is again kept closed for over 1 week, the chance of mold forming again is very high, and we “WILL NOT” come back to do repeated cleanings at no charge. The Service will be treated as a New Service Charge.

Please Note : We cannot dry the car after the service, and the vehicle will be a little damp. We request that the client airs out the vehicle and drive with the windows down by an inch so that the moisture can escape.

keeping the vehicle damp in a closed space, WILL cause mold to come back & D&V will not be liable for the same.

Mold is a Virus (like Covid) & a Health Hazard

While it might only be Visible in only one area, the Virus could have moved to other sections, and start growing there with time.

We will need to Steam the entire vehicle, including the headliner, and run an Ozone Gas for 30 minutes to make sure the virus is Killed.  We are sorry but we do not do any shortcuts when it comes to health.

You will need to take the interior service & add the mold option while booking an appointment with us.

Mold thrives on a closed and Damp environment, take that away and it will not form.

Mold normally forms over a 1-2 week period when the Vehicle has not been opened.

In winters there is condensation, keep a window open, or drive the vehicle often, and it won’t form.

Please Note: 

  • *Certain Stains like Black spots from certain molds (especially on seat belts and vynyl) might not go away. We will steam, sanitize and kill the mold but cannot guarantee all the stains will go away.
  • *The vehicle would need to be on Private Property with access to power for Interior Detail Services, and a hose outlet for exterior pressure wash. .
  • *We request that you remove all personal belongings and valuables from the vehicle, glove box, center console etc. .
  • *Drying Time: Since we use steam, the vehicle is usually dry within 1-2 hours.
  • *Ozone Treatment: This Will help ensure air-borne spores are killed and will take care of mold odors as well. 

The price on our website is reflected for “beginning” of  mold, (like a few seats), if the mold has spread to the roof and Everywhere, please expect an additional charge of $100.

We can come and Extract the water for an additional charge ($75-100) but we cannot Dry the vehicle for you. You may need to run heaters with windows down for a day.

Kindly read and accept the terms and conditions on our site while proceeding.

Why D&V Car Mold Removal?

Best Car Mold Removal Service.

At D&V we realize that Mold removal at the earliest is important because it is a virus and a health hazard. If you do not remove Mold asap, it can lead to severe respiratory issues. At D&V we take this matter very seriously to ensure that our car mold removal service is not only effective but is also safe.

D&V has been providing car mold removal services for our customer’s vehicles since we started our company. We remove mold from cars and provide mold removal and virus removal services ( including COVID exposed) to commercial vehicles like semi-trucks Mold removal to ensure that they are sanitized, disinfected, and safe.

We have even provided certificates for border services(both Canada & U.S.A), where they accept our validation that Trucks have been sanitized from Mold and disinfected for Viruses at over 120 °C.

Please do take car mold removal seriously, you can see what the CDC has to say about Mold and its effects

We also run an Ozone Treatment to ensure that all the airborne mold spores are killed and the mold smell is minimized after providing our service for mold removal and virus removal.

Call us ASAP so we can come and take care of the issue.

picture showing Car Mold Removal & ozone treatment- Before

picture showing Car Mold Removal & ozone treatment- After

How to remove mold from cars?

Instead of throwing in a bunch of chemicals or spraying the entire car with remedies like vinegar, our car mold removal service uses the most natural source in our mold removal & virus removal services.

We use water ?. to remove mold.

Superheated steam at over 120°C from commercial-grade steamers, ensures that the mold removal and virus removal process is effective.

Any airborne Mold spores that might be in the air or the ventilation system are eradicated with an Ozone Treatment, where we run an ozone gas in the vehicle for around 30 minutes. It also helps get rid of the musty smell that is often associated with mold.

This is the most effective way on how to remove mold from car.

Mold Removal Videos

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