• Daily Detailing Tips to Help you save Big $$

    Daily Detailing Tips to Help you save Big $$

    D&V Mobile Detailing Services 4.8 Stars - Based on 865 User Reviews Here are some helpful Car detailing tips for you. a) Clean the bird shit from your vehicle ASAP! Bird poo is acidic, and if left on your vehicle, will seep in and become a big issue. [We actually had a client who did not wash his
  • Car Detailing for Flood Victims

    The recent flooding in Abbotsford and other neighborhoods in BC has been devastating for those affected. As a company, D&V Mobile Detailing Services wants to help the residents in any way we can. As the waters recede, the clean up for vehicles will be important, The possibility of Mold building in cars, is very high

  • Car Detailing FAQ’s

    Mobile Car Detailing Services, by D&V Mobile Auto Detailing Services for clients in the lower mainland, . We are one of the Best Auto Detailing companies in the Vancouver area, as per the CONSUMER CHOICE AWARDS & CBRB.  Check out our car detailing VIDEOS and ONLINE PROMOTIONS, and get UPFRONT PRICING for car detailing services that are done out of your location. BOOK ONLINE and get



    We provide Car Mold Removal & Virus Clean up services, including vehicles exposed to COVID, to clients in most cities in the lower mainland, Remove Mold & get Ozone Treatment to the musty mold odor to go away & ensure air-borne spores are killed.

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    Prevent Mold After Snow

    Prevent Mold after Snow. Read below to learn how & Book online to Clean Mold? The team at D&V would like you to stay safe during this recent snowstorm & later. How does the Mold Build up? Here are two possible reasons. a) We and our kids walk in the snow getting moisture inside our

  • Question to Long Haul Drivers….. Is your work environment safe and clean?
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    Question to Long Haul Drivers….. Is your work environment safe and clean?

    My friend asked me a question a few days back. “When can we do my dad’s Semi? My dad has been asking for someone to clean his truck, and I cannot remember the last time he got his truck cleaned, I would like to have his truck cleaned by our company as a gift for

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    Interior Detailing in Sub Zero Temperatures

    Interior Detailing in Sub Zero Temperatures. Challenges like this inspire us to think outside the “box” It was a freezing and wet morning here in Vancouver. The team at D&V Mobile Auto did not let that deter us to keep our commitments to our customers. The car had Mold buildup and at the same time,

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